"Being a composer means baring your soul and putting every shred of emotion into music.

When you write your music, you write your story.

When you tell that story, it becomes the story of every listener."

Emanuele D’Onofrio begins to study piano at seven and writes his first composition at 15. From that moment, a new and indescribable world of emotions discloses, that he immediately wants to put into his music.

Born and raised in Italy - soon based in Toronto, Canada.


  • University of Toronto (DMA in Composition, 2024)

  • Domenico Cimarosa State Music Conservatory of Avellino, Italy (BMus in Composition, 2017; MMus in Composition, 2020)

  • Federico II University of Naples, Italy (BA in Modern Arts, 2015; MA in Modern Philology, 2017)


Teaching and Research Assistant in Musicology and Music History, Department of Humanities, Federico II University of Naples, Italy (2018-2020).


Main performances: Una voce per Pithecusae Festival (2010), Italia's got talent - 2nd season (tv show, 2011), Piano City Napoli (2013, 2014, 2019), Napoli Cultural Classic Association events, National Theatre Festival of Casamarciano (2015).

His music has been performed by several ensembles and orchestras (MIR Orchestra, Cimarosa Young Sinfonietta, Cape Town Philharmonic Orchestra) and renowned performers (such as Massimiliano Damerini).


  • "Adolfo Apreda" National Competition, Piano category, 2nd prize (2015).

  • "Antonello da Caserta" 8th International Competition, Composition category, 1st prize (2015).


  • Piano accompanist of the InCanto Polyphonic Choir of Naples from 2010 to 2014.

  • School choir conductor.

  • Music therapy technician (training at the University of Calabria, Italy, under the supervision of Rolando Omar Benenzon).

In 2018 he was chosen as a participant in the Fusion Film Scoring Workshop held in Thessaloniki, Greece.